Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Brother

Wade has really been an awesome big brother. As soon as we brought Lane home, Wade was there waiting to help. He is always concerned when Lane is crying, and he always reminds me to get baby Lane where ever we go (don't worry, I won't forget him, but I always tell Wade "Oh thank you, I almost forgot" hehe makes him feel important). Here are a few pictures I got of Wade being a great big brother.

Lane, 2 weeks old. Wade already so in love with his little brother.

Wade LOVES to "hang out" (his words) with Lane.

Lane's protector

Lane was crying here while I was cooking dinner. Wade, without me asking him, got Lane's pacifier put it in his mouth, rocked him, and sang him songs. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. If my brain was working, I would have taken a video of it, but Lane was less than a month old and my brain wasn't back in functioning order just yet. (not sure it even is not 3 months later)

My niece, Avery, wanted to hold her new cousin, and Wade was so protective of him. He was worried she might hurt him. I hope he stays a big protective brother.

Wade absolutely LOVES these shirts. He just thinks it is so great that they match each other. I sorta had a feeling that Wade would feel this way, so I bought Lane a newborn one and a 3-6 month one. hehe (poor Lane wasn't feeling the picture taking that day)

Here he is making sure Lane won't fall over.
I'm so proud of Wade for being such a wonderful big brother. (warms my heart)

Zoo Field Trip

Wade's class took a field trip to the zoo at the end of the school year. They had been talking about the animals in class for almost a month. So the kids were so excited to actually get to see the animals. We had a picnic lunch while we were there. It was really a great day.
Wade and Payton in the wagon.
Sleepy Tiger
At the elephant exhibit, all the kids wanted to see this fake elephant and really didn't care much about the real ones. Too funny.
Wade's awesome teachers.
Wagon buddies. These guys (all three of them) rode around the zoo in this wagon. At one point the smallest little guy was pulling Wade and Payton, and loving it. It was way cute.
Here they were on the way home. Successful field trip I must say.


Having two kids, one of whom is in tons of activities, doesn't leave a lot of time to sit in front of the computer. So for now, I'll just post pictures to update you all on our lives.
Our sleepy baby. (3 weeks)
Easter Sunday
Wade was so excited to see the Easter Bunny at church.
They had camels, goats, a white tiger, a lion, a panther, a kangaroo, birds, monkeys, a huge turtle, lamas, and ponies at church for Easter. Wade loved it.
He was so excited to feed the camels.
Poor Wade has to spend a lot of time alone in the playroom these days since mommy has to tend to baby Lane. He loves to try to get ALL of his toys out of the bins and onto the floor. He also loves to read tons of books these days. He only needs for us to read them to him a couple of times and then he can almost read them to himself word for word.
Here is Wade self entertaining again. I walked in the room to him like this. It was so funny.