Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Beach

This year we spent Thanksgiving at the beach with Clay's mom's side of the family. 23 of us to be exact. We actually had a lot of fun. Anna Maria Island is a beautiful place. I hope to go back one day. Wade loved the beach and still talks about it to this day. Here are some pictures from our week there.
Wade on the airplane...He LOVED the airplane ride. Thank goodness.
"We're at the BEACH!!!!"
Wade on the boogie board. The water was freezing, but he was a trooper and loved it.
Wade found a shovel in the condo the first day we were there, and would not let go.
Wade with his cousins, River and Kai.
Here is Clay's mom and youngest brother Hunter. Hunter was our ring bearer at our wedding, he was so little. Now he is HUGE!! I actually met Clay before Hunter was born.
Wade with his Grampy D. He LOVES his Grampy D, and talks about him all the time.
I really wanted to get a good family photo while there, but this is all we could do. I almost made the better one our Christmas card, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Next time, I'll plan better, have better outfits on, and our hair done. Still pretty no matter how frumpy we look, haha. (remember, mama is 6 months pregnant here)
The turtle Clay made in the sand. It didn't last long with all the small children running around.
Check out the sunsets there. Gorgeous!
On our way to the Tampa airport we stopped in at the Manatee viewing center in Apollo Beach to visit with some friends. Carin's sister Melanie and her friend Sakina. So good to see them. They live in Pennsylvania and were down visiting Melanie and Carin's parents who live there.

Disney World

For Thanksgiving we planned on meeting up with with Clay's moms side of the family at a beach house in Anna Maria, Florida. I thought since we were headed to Florida, we should go a few days early and hit up Disney World. I just love Florida! I quickly learned that you cannot really plan out your vacation to a T (like I used to do) when you have kids. Wade got sick while we were there and we ended up having to find a clinic there. We got everything under control and had a pretty good time at the Magic Kingdom. With the sickness, Wade only wanted Daddy, so most pictures are of the two of them.

Here is Clay and Wade at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney

Riding the Train in Downtown Disney

Riding the ferry over to Magic Kingdom. (as you can see, Wade just isn't feeling it just yet. Poor guy didn't feel too good)

Magic Kingdom!!!
He let me hold him for just a second
Wade loved the show in front of the castle

Playing at Winnie the Pooh's playground
Playing at Mickey's playground
Standing in front of Mickey Mouse's house

After 45 minutes of waiting to see Mickey Mouse, Wade was too scared to sit on his lap. Oh well, at least we got to see him.
Despite the darn ear infection, we really did have a good time while at Disney.