Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall days!!

So far Fall has been all about hanging out with friends. Wade loves it when friends come over to visit. Carin, Wes, and Cambry came to visit in early October. Carin (my best friend from high school), Lisha (my best friend from dental hygiene school), and a friend of theirs Jennifer all ran/biked in the Du the Bear duathlon here in Houston. It was really neat to watch them in this race. I have been in 5 running races myself but never one with another element involved. It was pretty cool to see how all that worked, transitioning from running to bike, and bike to running. Here are all 3 girls right after they finished the race.
While they were here, Wade and Cambry had a great time playing with each other. Here they are pushing each other around in the cul-da-sac in Wade's car.

We also bought a camper this month. We hope this camper will bring many fun times to our family. We met up with the Edwards' and the Newman's at a KAO campground in San Antonio. Cody and Lisha also have a camper and Wes and Carin stay in a cabin there. It was so much fun to break in the new camper and hang out with great friends. I can't wait to do it again soon. With all the excitement of camping, neither Clay nor I remembered to take any pictures. (darn it!) I do have a few of our camper, so here is a look at our newest form of entertainment.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wrapping up summer.

We had a great summer this year. Wade is so active these days and it is so fun to watch him experience new things for the first time. He soaks things up like a sponge and remembers things he's done. I am truly loving this age. (even though it is really tough at times.....terrible 2's)
Here are a few more pictures of things we did this summer.

Wade loves driving his "wheels" around the cul-du-sac. However, he still has a little to learn about steering.

We took Wade to his first Astros Game. He LOVED it. He really surprised me how well he did at the game. For an entire week after the game he would tell me he wanted to go to a "basssseball game".

Wade loves to go to "Angie's House"! He talks about it all the time. My friend Angie had a body painting playgroup at her house one day this summer. Angie is so good with art projects and Wade loves to paint, so anytime we get a chance to paint at Angie's house we take it. I am, however, very afraid of paint. I am terrified of staining clothes, making a mess, or staining furniture that Wade has to get as much painting experience outside of the house as he can.

Angie also watched Wade for me a couple of days that I worked. Yes, I actually worked. I just filled in for the hygienists where I used to work when they went out of town. Wade has such a great time over at Angie's. She is so great with him, and he loves her. Here he is having a great time while mommy is at work.

And, of coarse we have a great time once a week at The Little Gym.

We are very excited for the cooler temperatures to get here so we can enjoy playing outside more.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Big News!! and Wade turns 2!!

I know I am WAY behind on getting this post out, but I have a good excuse. I found out just before Wade's birthday that I am expecting baby number 2. Yup, I'm PREGNANT!! Early pregnancy doesn't treat me well, so these last few months I've been staying very close to home (mostly close to the couch). To date things are pretty much the same. I hope this nausea finds someone else to bug real soon.

In late July we had a birthday party for Wade at his favorite place, The Little Gym. Some of his closest friends came out to celebrate. We had a great time jumping, swinging, and rolling around. Here are a few pictures of his 2nd birthday party.
Thanks everyone for coming out for the party.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Children's Museum

Our playgroup took a trip down to the Children's Museum to try to play inside and beat the heat. This place is so cool. There is so much for kids to do there. Mostly for kids who are a bit older than Wade but at least we know it is there and can take advantage in the future. They do have a really fun play area for Toddlers, which is pretty much were we stayed. Wade had so much fun up there. We can't wait to go back.
"Mom this is FUN!!"
So many colors.
Wade and Cambry loved riding on this little sled.

Corpus Trip

In July we headed down to Corpus Christi to help babysit our good friend's little girl, Cambry. We tried to get out a little while we were down there. We went to a small little water park in Aransas Pass and Wade had a blast. Here he is going up the stairs and sliding down the slide all by himself. He is getting so independent these days.
We also went to the Texas State Aquarium while we were there. Wade really didn't know what to think of all the wildlife there. He did get VERY excited when he saw a Nemo fish.

Here is Wade saying "NEMO!!!"

This was a area where you could touch some sting ray's. He saw the other kids doing it and really wanted to. Such a big boy.

This was what a full morning at the Aquarium and lunch at Pier 99 will do to a little guy. He was so pooped.

Here was a day we took Wade and Cambry to a park down the road. It was SO HOT!