Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Days

We are right smack dab in the middle of summer here. So far we have had a pretty good time. There isn't a whole lot you can do with a 3 month old baby, but we figure it out. We hope to make more summer time memories in the next few weeks.

This was at a Stroller Strides event
For Memorial Day we went camping in Rockport with our good friends The Edwards. Here are Wade, Major, and Juliana taking a boat ride.
This is how Lane has to spend most of his summer days. He'll be running around with his big brother next summer.
We take lots of walks around the neighborhood. (and a few runs here and there)
We found a great new play center near by. Wade loved it, and so did I since it is inside with air conditioning. There are slides, dress up areas, a grocery store, a snack area, sand box, and a maze. This place is really awesome.
We took a trip up to Mansfield in June. We love to visit our favorite Mexican restaurants while we are there. Yummy!!
Wade and Avery dancing at Memaw and Pepaw's house.
They had so much fun playing in the baby pool.
Wade and Avery putting on a show at my sister's house.
We also do a lot of playgroups. This one was finger painting. Lane and his bud McKenna taking a nap while the big kids paint.
A day at Chuck E Cheeses with Daddy

Family Photos

When Lane was born I was determined to send out announcements telling everyone about his birth. I never got around to sending any out for Wade, and I have always felt bad about that. So I had one of my sorority sisters (who is a local photographer) come over and take some pictures for us. I thought since she was here, might as well do some family photos too. I love that she came out to our house to do them. If anyone around the Houston area needs a photographer, check out her website,
The announcement :)