Saturday, November 15, 2008


We have been battling ear infections in Wade's ears for the past 8 months. We get an infection, get rid of it and a couple months later, another one shows up. Sometimes the doctor says double ear infection and sometimes she says "fluid in his ears". Either way, Wade is on Antibiotics for 10 days. Our second run on Amoxicillin, he had a huge reaction. Major hives everywhere. No breathing trouble, but scary non the less. This last time we were on about 3 different antibiotics and then had to have a round of antibiotic shots to try to get rid of the infection. I think the fluid is still there. The doctor pretty much told me that our next step is going to an ENT to put tubes in his ears. I have heard that these infections can damage their hearing and cause speech problems, so I started to become ok with putting tubes in his ears. Then I just found out that tubes can damage their hearing too. So now I don't know what to do. Many of my friends have told me to try a chiropractor to help with his ear infections. I have been seeing a chiropractor for 4 or so months now myself, and have a pretty good relationship with him and his staff. I just don't know if this is safe for kids. I am still not 100% sure it is safe (or even helping) for me. Of coarse on the Internet it says chiropractors are horrible for kids under 5 and then it says that they are miracle workers and can keep kids from having tubes put in their ears. Our pediatrician just kind of looked at me funny when I asked her if the chiropractor could help us. She said she just wasn't taught that way. I guess I am going to at least try it. I would rather not have to get tubes in his ears.

Here is a picture of my little man eating is first sandwich big boy style. I don't have to cut it up for him anymore. He holds it and takes bites off of it just like a big boy. Dang they grow up fast!