Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clay is HOME!!!!!

Clay is finally home!!! We are soooo excited. Wade LOVES his daddy so much. It is so awesome to see them together. I am so glad to have him back. Clay was offshore installing a new rig out in the Gulf of Mexico for a month and a half, and before that he was in Corpus Christi for about 4 months getting the rig ready to sail. He has been home for a week now and we are all still adjusting to each other again. We are just glad to have everything back to normal. I have already put him to work here. Hanging things on the walls, mowing the lawn, painting the kitchen.
Here are a few pictures of Clay hard at work out there in the deep blue sea.
Here he is on the deck of the ship working with the riggers. (actually doing some manual labor)
Here he is on the bridge overseeing many operations. This is where he said he spent most of his time.
On the deck of the ship with the rig (Thunderhawk) behind him.
This is the ship he was on for the month and a half he was out there.
And this is Thunderhawk!!! INSTALLED!!! YAY! Clay has literally been working on this project since before Wade as born. Now onto the next one.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Photos

Not too much to say in this post. Just a few pictures of my little guy. I know every parent says it but it is just so hard to believe how fast kids grow up. Thank God for pictures because I can hardly remember this little boy as a baby.
Look how big this little guy is getting.
He loves puzzles! Here he is just after putting this one back together.
All smiles.
I think this might be Wade's 5th haircut. He did so good. (still a little timid though)