Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wade Turns 3

This summer Wade turned 3. It is so hard to believe that he is 3 years old. He is so full of energy and loves so much to hang out with his friends. He loves to dress up so this year we decided to have a Cowboy party. A friend of mine is starting up her birthday party planning business for little boy's birthday parties so I thought I would let her run the show for Wade's party. Little did she know that my little guy LOVES his friends and wanted all of them there. Well 18 kids came. It was CHAOS!! I did my best to just take pictures and keep a smile on my face. I am really starting to realize that things just don't go as planned when you have kids. One of these days I will be one of those go with the flow moms. hahahaha. (I couldn't have done it without my best friends Lisha and Carin, they are always there to know when I am loosing my mind and just take over for me. LOVE THEM!!)
Here are some of the pictures from the party.

Wade is ready for the party!!!

Lane the little Cowboy!!


Getting his cowboy clothes on. YeeHaw!

Some of our friends at the party.
Wade and Preston playing "pow pow"

We had a stick horse race

We had a bean bag toss

We did a few crafts. (notice we are inside now, we had to move all the tables indoors due to lightning. 18 kids and their parents all in my house, good times)
We did the chicken dance (notice we are outdoors again)
We tied up some parents.
And of coarse, we sang Happy Birthday!
Wade having a piece of cake with his girlfriend, Avery. He used to call her Avery HoneyHam, but sadly he now calls her by her real last name. The HoneyHam was so cute while it lasted.
And finally, the cupcakes (from scratch) that I slaved over the night before the party. Clay and my sister seemed to think they had too much vanilla. Well I thought they were great so guess who ate them ALL???
It was very chaotic with the soggy yard, the lightning, and the large number of people, but we really did have a blast at the Cowboy party. Wade is still talking about it.